04 December, 2023

What time of year is best for Sydney Rock Oysters?

Rock oysters are in peak condition at different times of the year, depending on region, the season and the type of estuary.

The peak season for Sydney Rock Oysters moves from spring to winter and north to south along the coast. Generally speaking, northern oysters will be at their best during spring. Mid-coast oysters are best in summer through autumn and the south coast peaks in late autumn through winter.

As a generalisation, the north coast of New South Wales has Rock Oysters in best condition in the summer months and the south coast of New South Wales has the best condition Rock Oysters in winter.

That said, oysters can often be found outside peak times in many regions, and in great condition because they are influenced by the weather and environment. The seasonality of Rock Oysters is affected not just by air temperature, but also the temperature of the water - this is where the experts come in.

Australia’s Oyster Coast’s Appellation program works to utilise regional seasonality, technology and management to deliver a consistent quality throughout the year.