29 December, 2023

Australian Oyster and Wine Pairings for New Year's Eve with Appellation Oysters

Oysters and Wine. Merroir and Terroir. We understand the value of exceptional pairings, and what better occasion to celebrate this union of Australian oysters and wine than New Year's Eve? In this article, we explore the best Australian wines and wine regions that complement Appellation Oysters.

To appreciate the best matching wines for your summer Rock oysters, first take the time to appreciate the magic of nature that makes our Rock oysters extraordinary. Grown in pristine estuaries, our oysters thrive in a habitat where land and sea unite. In the same way terroir refers to the characteristic taste and flavour imparted to a wine by the environment in which it is produced, the unique merroir of oyster growing regions imparts a distinct flavour profile that reflects the very essence of our coastal region.

There’s no better way to celebrate NYE than by indulging in the culinary delights of Australia's finest oysters and wine.

Sparkling Wine from Adelaide Hills:

Let's start our celebration with the effervescence of sparkling wine from the picturesque Adelaide Hills where winemakers craft their sparkling wines in the traditional method with freshness, elegant cool climate fruit and assured provenance. The crisp and lively fine bubbles elevate the oysters' natural brininess, creating a harmonious balance that tingles the senses.

Recommendations: Deviation Road Loftia Vintage Brut or DAOSA Natural Reserve.




Prosecco from King Valley:

For a more playful pairing, turn to a charming Prosecco from King Valley. Its fruity and floral notes add a delightful contrast to the oysters' briny goodness. This combination is sure to evoke smiles and good times as an aperitif to welcome the New Year.

Recommendations: Pizzini Prosecco or Dal Zotto Col Fondo Prosecco




Riesling from Canberra District:

Canberra District's Riesling brings a zesty and refreshing touch to the table. Its bright acidity and citrusy notes cleanse the palate, allowing you to fully appreciate the subtle complexities of our Rock Oysters' flavour profiles.

Recommendations: Collector Wines Jim’s Picnic Riesling or Clonakilla Wines Riesling



Chardonnay from Beechworth:

The elegance of Beechworth's Chardonnay is a perfect match for the creamy texture of Rock Oysters. With its buttery undertones and citrusy accents, this lively and vibrant wine elevates the oysters to a luxurious dining experience. Plus, Chardonnay’s from Beechworth are known for their length that is well suited to the long-lasting finish of a Rock oyster.

Recommendations: Sorrenberg Chardonnay or Giaconda Nantua Chardonnay




Pinot Noir from Tasmania:

Tasmania's cool climate Pinot Noir is known for its grace and finesse. Its red fruit aromas and silky texture create a delightful contrast to the oysters' brininess. Pinot Noir’s from Tasmania are ultra-finessed, exquisitely perfumed with silky fine tannins. Try pairing with the more mineral styles from the Derwent Valley or wines from Tamar Valley that have the maritime influence of the Bass Straight.

Recommendations: Stefano Lubiana 'Estate' Pinot Noir Derwent Valley or Holyman Pinot Noir.




Picpoul Blanc from McLaren Vale:

Picpoul Blanc or Piquepoul from McLaren Vale is a lip-smacking delicious hidden gem. Its crisp acidity and hints of green apple perfectly complement the clean and briny taste of our Rock Oysters. It's a match made in oyster heaven.

Recommendations: Ministry of Clouds Piquepoul or Coriole Coriole Piquepoul.




Australian Albariño:

Albariño, a wine that's both exotic and approachable, is one well worth exploring while enjoying a dozen Appellation Oysters. As Spain’s premier white variety, Alberino is not common in Australia however the Aussie versions have their own distinct identity, or terroir. Its stone fruit, wet stone minerality and saline notes are a fantastic accompaniment to the unique merroir and flavour diversity of our Rock Oysters.

Recommendations: Anderson and March Parell Albarino or Margan Breaking Ground Albarino



(Or Palacio de Fefiñanes Albariño Rias Baixas for a Spanish example that pairs beautiful with Australian Sydney Rock oysters).

Cheers to a New Year with Aussie wine and oysters

As we raise our glasses to welcome the New Year, let the magic of nature and the craftsmanship of Australian winemakers enhance your celebration. Pairing Australian Rock Oysters with these exceptional wines from various Australian wine regions celebrates provenance and premium quality Australian produce. Cheers to a new year and unforgettable culinary adventures!

Please Note: These recommendations are our own and are in no way endorsed or sponsored.