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Only the most exceptional oysters of the day are awarded Appellation status providing you with an experience like no other.

Always Rock
Always Live
Always Hand Graded

The Rock Oyster

The Rock Oyster is a truly unique shellfish. In the Rock Oyster, we have a species that is indigenous not only to our shores, but to New South Wales too.

It is one of the world’s great eating oysters with a lasting deep, rich and sweet flavour that is unlike any other oyster on the planet.

5 Pit Stops of Flavour

Eating an oyster is a gastronomic experience with five distinctive flavour pit stops:











These flavours and textures are determined by the unique environmental attributes of the marine ecosystem in which the oysters are cultivated.


Oyster Opening

Appellation Oysters are best served freshly shucked in order to deliver the best possible experience. Spending some time learning the art of shucking will maximise the quality and eating pleasure of Appellation Oysters.

Storage & Handling

Your Appellation Oysters have been graded, prepared and packed in recyclable packaging to maximise their eating quality but they are live and need care in storage. Please follow the instructions provided on your Appellation box.

What chefs are saying

Alan Stuart, Head Chef, Oncore by Clare Smyth

"Appellation Oysters always supplies us with the highest quality Rock oysters on a day to day basis. They understand the level and standards we set out to achieve for our guests and the standard they set themselves is unprecedented, allowing us to deliver some of the best oysters in the world to our guests.”

Alessandro Pavoni, Chef and Restauranteur, a'Mare

"The quality is always very high. Fundamentally, I like to have beautiful oysters all the time and with great consistency. We love to use Appellation Oysters."

Jason Staudt, Executive Chef, Stokehouse St Kilda

"The story and consistency is what first attracted me to Appellation Oysters. Stokehouse is synonymous with beachside luxe so we recommend starting with a dozen oysters - and Appellation Oysters are the best hand graded oyster out there. I love working with the team at Appellation because they are professional and passionate."

Adam Hall, Executive Chef, Flying Fish

"I love using Appellation Oysters, not only are they of the highest quality but I know exactly where they are grown and harvested. It’s exciting to experience the different flavour profiles from different regions along the coast."

Simon Evans, Executive Chef, Bangalay Dining

"I have been using Appellation oysters for the past 6 years because of their commitment to quality as well as their communication of information to chefs. I have gained such a deeper understanding of oysters from their book, as well as spending time with their staff over the past few years. Their array of harvesting areas and different merroir means we always get the best product on any given day, and that is absolutely key for chefs wanting to use high quality, world class products."

Jonathan Pryor, Lead Chef, Cupitt's Estate

"For me, it's using a local product that is world-class and that is farmed and harvested on our doorstep. A perfect representation of the pristine South Coast NSW and what it stands for. Appellation oysters represent hyper seasonality at its finest, only harvested at their peak condition, allowing us to deliver the best possible product to our customers and an authentic taste of the South Coast."

Will Cowper, Head Chef, OTTO Brisbane

"Appellation’s commitment to providing the best quality oysters available allows me to place my trust in the product; I know that I will be able to continually offer our guests at OTTO something that is consistently A+. They are the best of the best – handpicked, meat to shell ratio is always on point, rich and sweet flavour."